Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Big Switch

Has anyone switched to the Beta version of Blogger yet? I'd be grateful to hear any feedback. As with anything "Beta", there are probably bugs and kinks to work out. But, so far, everything I've read about it seems good. There are labels that can be applied to posts so that similar topics can be grouped together within the archives, and the thing that really caught my attention is that in Beta your Blogger account is linked with your Google account. And we all know how much I love Google. I think I'm gonna do it. I could always switch back, right? Right? Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed, anyway. I'll update later, after I have a chance to play around with the new setup.

Update: Well, I'm excited! I found out right before I made the switch, that no, you can't switch back. But, I took a deep breath and did it anyway. And I am so glad I did. Now, I can put labels on all my posts. And, the whole dashboard layout is better. I can't wait to see what else they have in store for this new version.

Update 2: Wow. I really like the Beta version better. I changed some colors and font sizes and other such detail. While I still wish I had more power over my template, those pesky line-break problems are now gone, whoo-hoo!!


Katrina said...

Oh, I am so very close to making the switch myself. It's so hard to take the leap, though!

I fear change.

Amy said...

I know nothing at all about this whole "beta" thing, just that people keep talking about it and I feel like I'm in junior high all over again and left out of some major secret (Jane loves David?! Really?) I'll have to look into it.

I really just want a different template is what I want. I'm just not sure I'm brave enough to go find one and try it out.

Amy said...

By the way, have I mentioned lately how nice it is that you and Katrina are both blogging ALL THE TIME?! I LOVE IT!!!!

Jules said...

Katrina: Me, too! But, I am finding out that I really, REALLY like it.

Amy: I haven't found that the templates are any different. BUT, you can edit the colors and font sizes, so it's a "little" different than it was before. Whatcha think?

Oh, and thanks! I dig it that somebody likes hearing what I have to say. That's always nice.