Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What NOT To Write About...

I really don't like it when I wait till the last minute to post each day. I'm always yawning like crazy and grasping for a topic to talk about, any topic, but nothing seems good enough. Or, rather, it's not that it's not good enough, it's that I couldn't possibly expand on it. Does that make sense? Let me elaborate...

Off the wall topics that have nowhere to go:

The only thing I saw in the way of news today was the asinine non-stop reporting on the Britney/K-Fed divorce. The only thing I gleaned from all that non-sense was that I will now only refer to him as Fed-Ex. See? Isn't that a stupid thing to write about? Why do I read this trash?

My boss is still a moron, but the balance has been restored somewhat because we have a new person on the crew who has as much power as The Chucky-poo(p) and this new person is benevolent and kind. This has made a world of difference in my working environment.

We've been out of creamer at the house for the last three days, but my sweet bf still makes coffee every morning. I may be a coffee snob. I have to have French Vanilla Creamer or it's just gross. He thinks it's fine with just milk, blech. I bought creamer at the store tonight, and lo and behold...we're out of coffee. Ironic, don't you think?

I watched the History Channel tonight. The strangest, most fascinating shows come on that channel sometimes.

Ooops. I forgot to tell my boss that the kids are out of school on Friday for Veteran's Day. Great.

Oh, another great thing about the Blogger Beta is the spell check. It's much better now. There's no pop-up window showing misspellings, it's just highlights the incorrect words and when you click on the word, it shows a drop-down-like menu of suggestions. WAY better.

Ok, now that I've rambled my way past nine-thirty, I think I'll call it a day.


Katrina said...

I might have to switch over to Blogger Beta soon...have you had any major snafus with it?

Jules said...

The only problem I've had is that I had to do a quick scramble to try and figure out how to hide my other blog. When I made the switch it automatically connected the two blogs via my Gmail. So, when I go to my dashboard, I can see both. Don't be offended, anyone! I'm not hiding my other blog from anyone reading this, I'm hiding this blog from my family. The other one is basically a photo blog for my mom and extended family. I don't think my religious-fanatic side of the family would be happy about posts I've done in the past, like Spiderman being taken advantage of, or the one where I cuss my ex-bf, do you? Nope. Eh, so that was the only problem, but it was easily corrected. Other than that, I've been absolutely thrilled with how much easier the Beta is. I can't compliment it enough. It's the best.