Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Well, it's almost that time again. Time for brand-new Sunday dresses, Easter egg hunts, and more chocolate than you can shake a stick at. Here's a story you might be interested in, but I think the picture speaks for itself:

What do you think about that? Isn't he cute? Makes me want to run out and buy one. Well, maybe not. That would just be crazy, it would be like having a dog, a large, nervous dog with claws. That could hop. I don't know. I'm imagining all kinds of disasters with an animal like that. But he's so cute, you can't help but just love him. Look at those humongous fluffy toes! And those ears! Adorable!

Ok, all joking aside, let's remember the real reason for Easter and give thanks to God. Happy Easter, everybody!

UPDATE: Thanks to Undercover Celebrity for letting me know that the belligerent intellectual posted about the same thing today. What are the odds? Thanks, UC!

On a totally unrelated note: Can anyone tell me why it is that I can't start a new paragraph when I hit "enter"? In the editing box, it looks fine...just like I want it to. But on the actual blog page, it looks like one big run-on thought that just won't quit. You, my hero of blogdom, will have the reward of having your blog linked to many, many times if you can help me with this HUGELY annoying problem.


undercover celebrity said...

That is SO funny -- I just saw this same pic on someone else's blog

Those furry feet are SO funny to me. I can't decide if the rabbit is dead or alive, but either way, I want to use it as a pillow -- it just looks so cuddly.

undercover celebrity said...

Sorry if this shows up twice, I swear I just submitted a comment and then it disappeared.

That pic is so funny. What's even funnier is it's also on -- to get to see it twice in one day just makes me feel lucky. :)

I can't decide if the rabbit is dead or alive -- either way, I kind of want to use it as a pillow -- it looks so soft.

...and those feet -- may be the funniest thing I've ever seen.

C. said...

That is one big bunny!! I could probably throw that in a giant pot, cook it, and have bunny stew leftovers for a month! :) Thanks for stopping by my site again as always... Hope you are having a great day!


chaddstoops said...

Thanks for posting at my site! Did you get a chance to watch the video?

That bunny is big . . . he's fat and he's big and he'll eat mother for brunch. I think you're right though. Owning bunny that big and nervous would be scary. Do you think he makes golfball sized poops too?

HOW TO START A NEW PARAGRAPH: What I do is hit return twice. Try that and see if it works!

Nice meeting you - How do you know Paisley?

Jules said...

Thanks, Joker, but no, hitting return twice does nothing. Grrr...

I don't know a "Paisley". I found your blog from Melliferous Pants.

Rune said...

Hit, shift/enter...that worked for me when I had that problem.

Jules said...

Oh, there are so many good people who want to help, but sadly, none of these ideas have solved my problem. *Sigh*

Newlywife said...

I am officially freaked out by that bunny. Any cuteness is totally nullified by those crazy huge bunny feet. Imagine the luck you would have using one of those rabbit feet for a key chain! I would run in the opposite direction if that monster rabbit was hopping toward me!