Tuesday, March 07, 2006

And The "Asshole Of The Year" Award Goes To...

Dear Boss,

I am writing to you today because I am fed up with your bull-shit. I am a highly-educated, dependable, hard-working, dedicated employee and I am tired of being treated like a retarded, unwanted step-child.

You continue to insult me on a daily basis as if you think I will somehow find this funny. It's not.

I want to ask you if I am performing my job to your satisfaction. I know the answer to this question. Without a doubt, I am the best assistant that you have ever had, yet you continue to treat me as though I am an ungrateful child.

I do not appreciate being patronized, especially by someone who cannot even spell that word. I hope you realize that most high-school drop-outs can spell "deteriorate". This is just one of many grammatical errors that I have to correct for you on a daily basis. Also, I do not understand how you graduated with honors from collage without knowing the difference between "its" and "it's" and "your" and "you're". Did you have someone, a girlfriend perhaps, editing for you even back then? I find this completely unacceptable for someone who has as much power and influence as you do.

I also find it very insulting to be ignored when I need a moment of your time. Often, I will come to you with multiple issues that we need to discuss and, inevitably
you will take a look at the first item and promptly get on the phone. And make me wait. Do you not realize that this is a HUGE waste of my time?

You have admitted that you are unable to multi-task, something that most people can to do to some degree. The reason that this makes me so angry is that it should be a simple matter of me walking into your office, going over each item one at a time, and leaving it with you or obtaining directions from you to complete what I am doing, and then walking out of the office. It is an utter lack of respect when you choose instead to get on the telephone to take care of one thing and make me wait in the meantime. Then, most times, when you do get off the phone, someone else will walk in your office and you then direct your attention to them and still make me wait. Every single day I waste at least two hours in your presence doing nothing. This is unacceptable to me.

Do you realize that people on the jobsite call you a pussy for a reason?

You sit in your little office in your button-down dress shirts, slacks, and penny loafers and dictate how things should run, while the men out in the field who are out there in the middle of it every day know how it runs.

You make your appearances out in the field once or twice a week, only to piss people off with your snide comments and observations. I have never met a man as stuck-up and arrogant as you. It would be one thing if you had balls and got out there and did a little work yourself, at least then the men would have some respect for you. But you are completely shameless in your inablility to do anything worthwhile on this job. Hell, if you quit tomorrow, I would be able to run this place as if nothing were different.

Well, I take that back.

If I were running this place, people would be taught how to multi-task and run a spell-check.

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Joy said...

WOW!! That was truly amazing :) I laughed alot. Just so you know, your writing is actually very entertaining. Well, at least for me! Maybe I'm a tad biased who knows? I enjoyed. I bet it felt good to get that all out! Kudos to you girl. Keep it up

Love Always,