Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back By Popular Demand!!

(From Snay and Egan, anyway...)

Wow. Ten whole days and people wonder if I'm dead. How cool is that? It's awesome to know you're missed.

Since I apparently am suffering from writers-block-itis, let me share with you a typical day in the life of Jules and the reasons I tell myself that I don't blog:

I get up at five every morning. I keep saying that I want to actually use this time in the morning for a bike ride. But, I still have to go actually get a bike, so...you know. I sit around and drink coffee instead and watch the news.

On a totally unrelated note, my youngest daughter is in kindergarten with the son of the local morning anchor lady on the news. Isn't that neat? Feels like I know a celebrity or something. Anyway, moving right along!

After my honey gets ready and leaves at five thirty, I usually read. I know that sounds odd, but it's the only time of the day that I can actually concentrate on anything just for me. And all before six o'clock in the morning!

At six, I wake the kids up and do the mad scramble of getting three girls (including moi) ready in the morning, two for school and one for work.

Out the door by seven.

I drop off the kids at 7:15 and sit at my desk by 7:30. And that's when things begin to bog down. In case you've never seen it, Office Space would probably give you a hint. While I'm not wilting away in a cubicle farm anymore, the boss still has the similarities. *sigh. I refuse to make this post a rant about my boss again.

I would blog at work, but they've actually been giving me real work lately! Who knew? So, that's been a source of stress.

Then, I come home, cook, and look through homework. By then, the day is over! I get the kids bathed and in bed and that's all she wrote...at least on nights when I don't stay up late to blog about it.


Egan said...

Who needs sleep Jules? Blog around midnight like moi. You're an early riser, not like me.

Katrina said...

Wow--FIVE o'clock? I am flabbergasted, and impressed! We have the alarm set to draaaaag our butts out of bed at 7:15, and we usually don't make it (since the bed keeps sucking us back in) until around 7:30.

I imagine I would be a much more productive person in general if I could reclaim that lost two and a half hours every day!

We're glad you're here, no matter what time you blog or what you say. :D Keep it comin'!

The Girl Who said...

Seriously.. you've got to find a way to blog at work.. That way, you can justify it to yourself by saying "I get paid to blog". That's what I do, anyway.

Amy said...

LOL I'm with "the girl who". My job is just so dull, I blog at work and read blogs at work. At least it passes the time!

Hope you're doing well!!

Egan said...

I'm with Amy and The Girl Who. Learn to master the ALT TAB function.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Amy said...

Um, can you come back and blog again. This every ten day pace is killing me!!! (read that: miss you!)

Karla said...

Jules - just wanted to let you know that I tried your advice on spit up and breastfeeding and have noticed an improvement. Bunches of thanks!